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Maintenance Update 11/27/2020

Since this will be a huge update mainly from fashions/models etc. we will cut it to two parts. 

Part 1


1.) Additions of Fashions / Models ingame 

2.) Skill Adjustments 

  • Condor Dive - Lowered 

3.) Monster Configurations 

  •  Coral Monsters now Adjusted (Lv. 140-160)

  •  Compared to Forsaken Tower - Monsters in Coral have Low HP and Damage. Drops are the same rate.

4.) Teleporter Improvement

  • Shows now Drop Information Per Du
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Maintenance Update 11/5/2020

Maintenance Update 11/05/2020

1.) Bead fix

- Fixed timer

2.) Event NPC

Event Token exchanges

3.) World Bosses

- 1-1-1 Damage for Crit Types Fixed!
- HP Lowered (50m to 30m)
- Damage Adjusted
- Added Drop (v15 Accessories)
- Added Upgraded Accessories (Ex. Vigor+15 +18)

4.) Slayer/Templar adjustments.

- Normal Damage (Increased)

5.) Self Buff Adjustments.

Pain Reflection
Reflect Damage 75% / Inc. HP 20%

6.) Skills Adjustment

Penya Strike - Lowered
Vital Stab -&
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Maintenance Update 10/28/2020

1.) Monster Configuration

[Modified] Small Gannessa
[Modified] Gannessa
[Modified] Captain Gannessa

  • Penya drop 230k

Cannibal Mammoth
Ghost of the Forgotten Prince
Ghost of the Forgotten King

  • Penya Drop 70k


2.) All World Boss

  • Damage Lowered from 30-50k -> 10-40k


3.) Daily Quest Added 

  •  (Menu/System/Event Challenge)

  • You can do quests and get rewarded daily

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